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Titanic 124 Piece Cutlery Set


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Silver Plated Titanic Cutlery from Arthur Price of England

Titanic 124 Piece Cutlery Set for 12 Persons

This Titanic 124 Piece set comprises :

12 Table Knives
12 Table Forks
12 Fish Blades
12 Fish Forks
12 Soup Spoons
12 Dessert Knives
12 Dessert Forks
12 Dessert Spoons
12 Tea Spoons
4 Table Spoons

PLUS Free Titanic Cheese Knife and Pie Knife to complete the set


For the 100th anniversary of Titanic's launch, Arthur Price have  recreated the Panel Reed cutlery used onboard with each knife blade featuring the ship owner, White Star Line's famous logo, as originally supplied.


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Product Code: APE-ZTNC2124

Manufacturer: Arthur Price

124 Piece Canteen of Cutlery.

Arthur Price Silver Plated Luxury Titanic Cutlery in Reed and Panel design, as seen on the White Star Line Titanic

The panel reed pattern was supplied for use in the first class dining accommodation on board the world’s most famous ocean-going, luxury liner. Arthur Price have now recreated the Panel Reed cutlery used onboard. Each knife features the ship owner, White Star Line’s famous logo on its blade, as originally supplied. Experience the magic and luxury in your own home

Arthur Price of England Premium Collection is simply the finest cutlery that money can buy. That’s because every individual item is afforded the same levels of skill, technological innovation, styling and commitment to quality that have been the hallmark of Arthur Price of England for over 110 years.

One of the many hugely appealing aspects of choosing Arthur Price of England cutlery is its collectability. In fact few other cutlery ranges can offer so many fine pieces for your collection.