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Empire Flame Gold Highlights 85 Piece Cutlery Set


Options: Empire Flame Gold Highlight 85pc Set




Clive Christian Empire Flame Gold Highlights 85 Piece Cutlery Set for 8 Persons

Sold Without Cabinet

Luxury Stainless Steel with Matt Finish with 24 carat Gold Leaf Detailing

This Clive Christian 85 Piece Empire Flame 85 Piece Cutlery Set for 8 Persons comprises:

8 Table Knives 
8 Table Forks 
8 Dessert Spoons 
8 Dessert Knives 
8 Dessert Forks 
8 Soup Spoons 
8 Tea Spoons 
8 Coffee Spoons 
8 Fish Knives 
8 Fish Forks 
4 Table Spoons 
1 Caviar Spoon

This cutlery comes with the benefit of a Lifetime, Unconditional Guarantee.

This set does not come in a cabinet

This cutlery is made to order and may take 4-6 weeks


Clive Christian’s inimitable design house in exclusive partnership with the historic skills of Arthur Price combine to create the ultimate luxury British cutlery collection.

An exquisite collection of cutlery made from hot forged stainless steel, with 24 carat gold leaf detailing and hand gilded Imperial Flame finials on each individual piece. The extravagant design is inspired by the Empire styles.

The signature piece in the collection is the beautiful Empire Flame Caviar Spoon with gold plated Flame handle and oyster shell bowl, placed in an ebony black presentation box.

This cutlery is made to the highest quality with a lifetime guarantee.


Shipping is included on all orders over £150.00. Orders below this are charged £7.95. Please visit our Delivery & Returns Policy.


Product Code: APCC-85

Manufacturer: Clive Christian

85 Piece loose set of Clive Christian Empire Flame cutlery

Clive Christian, Luxury, timelessness, beauty. Clive Christian is a prolific designer with a passion for luxury and a philosophy no more complex than the desire to be the best in class.

85 piece Dinner Service for 8 people comprises: 8 Table Knives, 8 Table Forks, 8 Dessert Spoons, 8 Dessert Knives, 8 Dessert Forks, 8 Soup Spoons, 8 Tea Spoons, 8 Coffee Spoons, 8 Fish Knives, 8 Fish Forks, 4 Table Spoons and 1 Caviar Spoon

All of Clive Christian cutlery is made to exact specification by Arthur Price of England and is simply the finest cutlery that money can buy. That’s because every individual item is afforded the same levels of skill, technological innovation, styling and commitment to quality that have been the hallmark of Arthur Price of England for over 110 years.

One of the many hugely appealing aspects of choosing any Arthur Price of England cutlery is its collectability. In fact few other cutlery ranges can offer so many fine pieces for your collection.