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Champagne Lambswool Cashmere Blend Blanket






Champagne Lambswool Cashmere Blend Blanket

Available in 4 sizes

Single 185cm x 130cm
Double 230cm x 255cm
King Size 255cm x 280cm
Extra King Size 255cmx 305cm

Weight 215 gsm

This Lambswool & Cashmere blanket is made from a wonderfully soft blend of 85% Lambswool and 15% Cashmere and is is an ideal choice when you require a luxuriously soft blanket but without the pricetag of the 100% Cashmere. 

Available in classic shade of Champagne the John Aktinson Hainsworth® Lambswool & Cashmere is a lighter weight blanket, ideal for the warmer months and is luxuriously bound all round in satin binding.

Also available in White.

All of John Atkinson blankets are made to order especially for you and so the delivery times are a little longer that usual at around 2-3 weeks.....but it will be worth the wait!



The John Aktinson Hainsworth® Lambswool & Cashmere is a lighter weight blanket, ideal for the warmer months and is luxuriously bound all round in satin binding.

Wool is nature’s own wonder fibre and has many inherent characteristics that cannot be reproduced by manmade fibres. These inherent qualities make wool the natural choice for a good nights sleep and the best part is they will not fade or wash out over time.

Comfort – wool is comfortable due to its unique spring like fibre structure. The natural crimp offers excellent support for all as well as  relief from bed sores and a number of other medical conditions.

Micro-Climate control – wool regulates your body temperature keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, maintaining a steady temperature also leads to a more restful sleep.

Air Quality – wool fibres absorb and hold on to indoor pollutants, improving air quality while you sleep.

Anti Microbial – wool is naturally anti-microbial due to its protein composition and unique surface scale structure on which bacteria are unable to survive.

Odour Control – the moisture absorbing properties of wool absorb sweat from the skin and halt the generation  of odour causing bacteria, keeping your bedding fresher for longer.

Natural Flame Resistance – wool is naturally flame-resistant so makes for a safer sleep.

Sustainable – wool is a natural and fully sustainable fibre from a renewable source.

Hypoallergenic – wool is naturally hypoallergenic and so is perfect for anyone with allergies of sensitivities.

Dirt Repellent – the antistatic nature of wool reduces the attraction of lint and dust and the surface scales prevent dirt from penetrating the fibre surface.

Asthma friendly  – Dust mites are a key trigger for Asthma attacks, they cannot survive on wool making it a perfect choice for asthma suffers.

Sleep Better Under Wool – Wool is natures wonder fibre working hard to help while you sleep – link to benefits of wool.



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Product Code: JA_LambCsh_Cham

Manufacturer: John Atkinson by Hainsworth

85% Lambswool and 15% Cashmere Blend

Available in a range of sizes and 2 classic colours

Lightweight, perfect for layering

Bound all round in satin

Proud to be Made in UK