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Chrome Full Hunter with Seiko Quartz Movement


Options: 1243 Chrome3 Eye Full Hunter




Woodford Chrome Full Hunter with Seiko Quartz Movement

This 3 Eye Full Hunter watch with Seiko Movement is a wonderful gift for the discerning gentleman.

It is 50mm in diameter




A watch with a solid front cover is described as a ‘FULL HUNTER’. When time pieces first became small enough to be carried about one’s person, they became known as “Pocket Watches” as they were now small enough to fit into a pocket. At first, were very much only for the use of the rich. Most of this class of people owned large country estates and were into fox hunting, so they wanted to take their new watches with them. This was firstly to impress the rest of the Hunt, and, as a poor second, to be able to tell the time. As these watches were very delicate, a system was sought to protect the watch in case of a tumble, when out on the hunt. The answer to this problem was simple. To stop this damage, a cover, which could be easily opened, was fitted to the front of the watch. This protected both the glass and  dial. Hence the name, ‘Full Hunter.’
The Full Hunter worked well, except that whilst galloping across fields and jumping hedges, it was a fiddle to get your watch out and open to see what time it was. So, in order to be able to tell the time more easily, a hole, covered by a small watch glass, was made in the centre of the cover, so that the hands could be read without having to actually open the watch. These became known as a ‘HALF HUNTER’.


The watch has a modern quartz movement and is powered by a battery, which makes it run for a considerable period before you need to change the battery. To get this done, we suggest you take your watch to a good local jeweller, who will be able to fit a new battery for you. In order to change the time, you gently pull the winder out, into the stop position, and then turn the hands to the desired time. Then push the winder back in, which starts the watch working again. To open the front cover, push the winder in, towards the centre of the watch, and it will open. It helps, if you push the winder in again as you shut the cover.
The watch is supplied in a presentation case which includes a 12 month certificate of guarantee, as well as a watch-chain, This chain has a choice of end fittings, which are interchangeable. One is  a T-Bar which is used for fitting into a button hole on a suit or waistcoat. The other is a clip fitting, which can be used either to attach your watch to a belt or a trouser pocket.


All these watches have hand-made movements. To wind the watch, just turn the winder knob backwards and forwards. Great care must be taken not to overwind it, so when you feel the spring starting to get stiff, stop winding. This will last for about 24 hours To alter the time on the watch, gently pull the winder out until it stops, and you can then turn the hands to the correct time. This will last for about 24 hours. The great advantage of this type of mechanical movement, is that if, you do not use the watch for a longer period, when you come to wear it again, you only need to wind it up in order to start it going. You don’t need to replace a flat battery.


Some of the watches have a space left free in the centre of the dial In order to see the watch movement working. The watches with a ‘full sized’ movement have a larger central opening, which shows more of the movement.


Some watches are fitted with twin lids, so that when they are both open, the interesting skeleton movement is visible both front and back, which enables you to see the movement working.





Product Code: HBH_1243

Manufacturer: Harrison Brothers and Howson